Benefits of Managed IT Services

Managed IT services outsource your practice’s IT computer network management and support so you can focus on the operations of your office. Assured Tech Services is a dental and medical office technology provider, shortened to MSP, or, managed services provider. If you are interested in streamlining technology services in a hassle-free way you can reach us at
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There are many benefits to having managed IT services. Some of these advantages include:

Having monthly costs that are predictable

With managed IT services, you pay the same amount no matter how much support you require throughout the month. It is an excellent way to help you budget because you always know how much you need to pay and what specific services you’ll receive. You can focus on investing in other aspects of your business and be able to keep an eye on costs with ease. 

You have a single point of contact 

A MSP eliminates the need to have multiple phone lines to call or many departments to contact because it centralizes the entire infrastructure of your support. You have only one telephone number and one dedicated technician right at your fingertips. Just as you familiarize yourself with one contact person for help, the technician gets familiar with your environment and your everyday needs. 

Ample power from proactive management

Many small firms often rely on a non-IT employee to tackle day-to-day tech problems. Other practices recognize how flawed and counterproductive it can be and resolve to hire a part-time support specialist. The problem with having partial support is that this technician is probably providing partial support for a dozen other places and may not be available when you need them. 

So, the next move is to find a company in the yellow pages to address urgent technical needs, but the workers that swoop in to help lack sufficient knowledge of your practice’s specific requirements. As a resolution to this general issue, some owners eventually hire an in-house IT resource, but this technician might not handle all the technological demands. While significant issues may get addressed, other problems could remain unresolved. 

Assured Tech Services aims to save you from all those pitfalls by using maintenance and monitoring software. We identify problems before they become emergencies. With proactive management, the break/fix model used in many practices becomes a thing of the past. You can expect greater efficiency and solutions that won’t accumulate costs. You can reach us at
248-243-7160 or email

Managed IT services control cost and let you focus on patients.

Managed IT services control cost and let you focus on patients.